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City of Chandler Recreation Division

Our Mission & Pledge

The mission of the Chandler Recreation Division is to enhance the quality of life for all residents through diverse, innovative, and affordable parks and leisure opportunities.

Our pledge to providing recreation programs, classes and events consists of the key principles below:

Provide leisure opportunities for all
Listen and learn through community involvement
Efficient, friendly and qualified staff
Dare to make the difference
Guarantee adventurous and diversified experiences
Excellence in customer service

City of Chandler Recreation Division Staff


Name Position Contact Information
Barbara Young Recreation Manager 782-2703
Erika Berry  Recreation Superintendent (Tumbleweed Recreation Center, Chandler Tennis Center and Snedigar Recreation Center) 782-2905

Valerie Bullock

Executive Assistant  782-2702

Stephanie Feldaver

Recreation Coordinator I 

Kelle Harrison  Marketing Assistant  782-2904

Vanessa Isaula

Graphic Designer 

Hermelinda Llamas Special Events Coordinator  782-2665 
Sandy Munoz-Weingarten Recreation Superintendent (Environmental Education Center, Community Center and Chandler Senior Center) 782-2705
Brooke Peterson Marketing & Communications Coordinator  782-2910 

Environmental Education Center at Veterans Oasis Park

Name Position Contact Information
Ariane Francis  Recreation Coordinator II 782-2886
Michael Ballard Recreation Coordinator I 782-2895

Daniella Rodriguez

Recreation Coordinator I 782-2894
Brian Asdell  Recreation Leader II 782-2891
Dani Amaya Administrative Specialist  782-2892
Sheila Parkinson Customer Service Representative 782-2891

Community Center

Name Position Contact Information

Tony Baumann

Recreation Coordinator II 782-2710
Shaun Bishop Recreation Coordinator I 782-2730
Shawn Peoples Recreation Coordinator I 782-2746
Raquel Carrasco Customer Service Representative 782-2727
Debra Baer Customer Service Representative 782-2727

Chandler Senior Center

Name Position Contact Information
Nancy Jackson Recreation Coordinator II 782-2722
Collette Prather Recreation Coordinator I 782-2709
Loretta Colson Customer Service Representative 782-2720
Eliza Haws Recreation Coordinator I 782-2741

Tumbleweed Recreation Center & Tennis Center

Name Position Contact Information
Raymond Kaniut Recreation Coordinator II  782-2906
Sean Paulson Recreation Coordinator II 782-2913
Ric Moreno Recreation Coordinator I Fitness, Personal Training & Active Adults 782-2907
Justin Bayer Recreation Coordinator I Tennis 782-2651
Deanna D'Arcangelo Recreation Coordinator I Parties and Volunteers 782-2908  Deanna.D'
Abel Mendoza Recreation Coordinator I Preschool Programs and Camps 782-2912
Jenifer Clouse Recreation Coordinator I Classes and Family Night 782-2909
Crystal Castanon-Nino Customer Service Supervisor 782-2902
Kristy Adams Customer Service Representative 782-2900
Jannette Carrasco Customer Service Representative 782-2900
Elizabeth Gavre Customer Service Representative 782-2900
Alex James Customer Service Representative 782-2650
Michelle Prosser Customer Service Representative 782-2900
Jennifer Sandoval  Customer Service Representative 782-2900

Snedigar Recreation Center

Name Position Contact Information
Joshua Adams Recreation Coordinator II 782-2646
Susan Richardson  Recreation Coordinator I  782-2641 
Teofilo Ruiz Recreation Coordinator I  782-2704
Julinda Cesena Customer Service Representative 782-2640
Sandy Popovich Customer Service Representative 782-2640