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Principles of Xeriscape

Xeriscape uses seven principles to achieve water efficiency.

1. Planning and Design
planning and designWhy plan? You can make a mistake on paper and toss it away. When you make a mistake in the landscape, its effect is not so easily tossed. Successful Xeriscapes begin with a good design that considers the function of the landscape and the mature size and water needs of each plant. For more information, check out Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert.


2. Appropriate Turf Areas
turf areasLocate grass only in areas where it provides functional benefits, like the children's play area. Keep grass away from sidewalks, walls, and fences for easier maintenance. Avoid planting turf in oddly shaped or narrow areas that can’t be watered efficiently.


3. Efficient Irrigation
efficient irrigationWater all trees, shrubs, and groundcovers with an efficient, low-volume drip system. Irrigate grass areas separately from other plantings. Change the irrigation schedule frequently with seasonal weather changes. For more information, check out Landscape Watering by the Numbers.


4. Low-Water-Use Plants
low water useMany low-water-use plants are available. They can be used to create a wildlife habitat or to frame a functional outdoor liv