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Subscribe to Break Time! 

button with link to Beak Time subscription formIf you wish to continue receiving Break Time in your mailbox please subscribe using one of the methods below. Or if you want to help conserve resources, you can choose to not subscribe and instead access an electronic version of Break Time online.

Traditionally, Break Time has been mailed four times a year to nearly every Chandler household. Unfortunately, as our community continues to develop and grow, our printing and distribution costs are rising. That is why our Community Services Department staff recently undertook a careful analysis of our Break Time distribution methods. We looked at the quantity printed and mailed, class registrations, projected budgets, the popularity of the Web, and customer feedback given in a recent survey. Based on this analysis, City staff has determined that while a printed version of Break Time is still necessary, the quantity we produce can be reduced and the distribution can be more accurately targeted to likely customers.

Break Time magazine is only mailed to subscribing households. The subscription is free and will guarantee delivery of every issue.

We believe these changes will help our organization better manage your tax dollars, reduce paper consumption, and still enable our staff to provide quality programs and services to Chandler residents throughout the year.

Subscribe now!

There are several ways to subscribe to Break Time:

  • Registration Code: if you register for classes online or using the forms in this publication, add a free subscription to your account by using Activity Code 9000.007.
  • Postcard: You can fill out a subscription sign-up postcard at a Customer Service area at any Chandler Recreation or Aquatics facility.
  • Online Form: click here.
  • Phone: call 480-782-2702 to speak with a customer service representative.

Only one copy will be mailed to each unique address (house, apartment, business, etc.) on the distribution list. Customers can request to be added to this distribution list at any time during the year.

Why we are making changes:

  • More residents!
    As Chandler’s population continues to grow, we would have to print more copies for distribution to more households. This would increase our printing and mailing costs.
  • We’re growing! 
    As we add new facilities, like the Tumbleweed Recreation Center and the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center, we will need to add pages to Break Time. This will increase printing costs.
  • Paper costs more!
    Our printing costs continue to increase as paper costs rise.
  • Conservation matters!
    While Break Time is printed on recycled paper, we can do more to conserve natural resources by reducing our print quantity and using less paper.
  • It’s online!
    More and more of our customers are accessing Break Time on the Chandler Web site at Online class registration continues to grow in popularity, as well. Since it is available in electronic format, some of our conservation-conscious residents have asked to not receive a print copy.
  • No thank you!
    Our research shows that some customers are not interested in recreation classes or the other community information in Break Time. Their copies usually go straight to the recycling bin. By allowing residents to subscribe to Break Time we utilize our resources more efficiently by not sending copies to customers who don't want it.
  • Expanded availability!  
    In the past, we have only sent Break Time to homes. All other residents had to pick up a copy at City facilities