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The City of Chandler recognizes that there is a need to promote sustainable building practices to reduce adverse impacts on City water supplies, the creation of urban heat islands and reduce non-renewable energy consumption. To this end, Mayor and Council adopted the Green Building Program on June 26, 2008 (Resolution 4199).

The program utilizes incentives to encourage green building in the private sector. Additionally, future City buildings will be required to be built to LEED Silver standards or better.  The program also calls for green building outreach and education to provide Chandler residents with the knowledge and opportunities to make green retrofits to their homes

  • Expedited Plan Review
  • Recognition
  • Awards

These incentives are available to projects pursuing LEED Silver Certification or higher for LEED-New Construction, LEED-Commercial Interiors, LEED-Core and Shell, and LEED for Schools.  Download the Green Building Program Application.

All developments in Chandler, including those that are not pursuing LEED certification, are encouraged to follow Sustainable Site Design Strategies.