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The following Web sites/organizations provide valuable information that can assist residents in making green improvements to their homes and lifestyles.

The information compiled and presented by the City of Chandler in this webpage, including, without limitation, the links embedded herein, is offered solely as a convenience to those seeking a source of basic information relating to green building issues. The City of Chandler does not endorse any of the particular products or companies referenced herein, has not verified the accuracy of the information presented in the various links embedded in this webpage and does not warrant or guarantee that all of the information presented herein is current or applicable to any specific set of circumstances.   

Green Building Links

U.S. Green Building Council

LEED Green Building Rating System

Solar Links 

Arizona Goes Solar
-A collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission, this is a one stop source for information regarding solar energy options and incentives.

Arizona Solar Center
- Source for Solar Information in Arizona.

- Information about incentives available for renewable energy and energy efficiency:                            
SRP Solar Incentives 
- Renewable energy incentives available to SRP customers.

Solar Energy Industry Association
- Basic information about solar energy, including recent news regarding the solar industry.

Find Solar 
- Solar calculator and information about solar providers in Arizona.

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Energy Efficiency Links 

SRP Incentives 
- Energy Efficiency incentives available to non-residential SRP customers.

Federal Tax Credits
- Credits up to $1,500 for Residential Energy Efficiency Improvements.

Energy Star
- Energy strategies for new and existing homes, information about Energy Star products.

U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
-  Information about renewables and energy efficiency and related federal programs. 

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy (PDF)
-  Strategies ranging from buying new appliances to operating a kitchen in an energy-efficient manner.

Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency
- Publication from the U.S. Department of Energy.


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Renewable Energy Links

SRP Earthwise Energy Program
- Opportunity for SRP customers to purchase renewable energy.


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Water Conservation Links

City of Chandler Water Conservation
- Strategies to reduce water use and information about rebates available from the City of Chandler. 

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Indoor Environmental Quality Links

Whole Building Design Guide
- Strategies to improve indoor environmental quality.

EPA Indoor Air Quality
- Information about indoor pollutants and strategies to enhance indoor air quality.

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Recycling Links

City of Chandler Solid Waste Services
- Information about the City's recycling services.

The Story of Stuff
- Animated clips and other information regarding zero-waste principles.

- Grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

- Find recycling services for particular types of recyclables (motor oil, batteries, etc.). 

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Green Living Links

The Daily Green
- Daily news and green living strategies.

153 Ways to Go Green
- Quick fix ideas and long term strategies to green your home and lifestyle.

Green Seal 
- Find Green Products and Vendors.

Resources for Upgrading Home Appliances
- What to know when upgrading major home appliances