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Utility Billing & Payment System Update

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while trying to access your account, pay your bill or speak with a customer service representative. 
The recent rollout of the City's new utility billing and payment system presented more technical and communication issues than we anticipated. While many of our customers experienced a smooth transition to the new system, others did not. 

As we work diligently on solutions to the issues that remain, we continue to receive a high volume of calls for customer service, causing longer than normal wait times. In addition to speaking with a customer service representative, you can have your billing and payment issues addressed within two business days by submitting them as follows:
  • e-mail a detailed explanation of the issue and your contact information to
  • call 480-782-2280, press option 3, and leave your contact information followed by a detailed voicemail.
We have found that many customers report similar challenges. At right, you will find answers to some of the most common issues and questions customers are asking about the new system.
Once again, we apologize that this system rollout did not reflect our high customer service standards. Once the system is fully implemented, we hope the many benefits and features will make a good lasting impression with you, our customers.
Please note that a payment grace period remains in effect and there will be no penalties for late payments this month. 

Quick Links 

 Customer Service Center

Chandler Utility Customer Service Center:
175 S. Arizona Avenue, Suite A
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Chandler’s enhanced utility billing system
makes it easier to manage your account,
access your information, and make payments
utilizing the method that is most convenient
for you. The advanced features are accessible
24 hours a day, seven days a week, from
your computer or mobile device.

New Utility Billing & Payment System Issues
Questions & Answers

Q:  I can't process a payment. When I try to make a one-time payment and click "OK" to go to the (third party) website it returns to the same page or nothing happens.

A:  First, make sure you are using the correct new customer and account numbers (top right section of your bill) in the correct locations. Second, customers may need to turn off or disable their internet browser's pop-up blocker to proceed to the payment page. Customers using the Google Chrome or Safari browser may also need to enable java script. Here are some links to help turn off the pop-up blocker for some of the more popular internet browsers: 

Q:  I received a confirmation email to complete the registration process, but I'm unable to click the link provided in the email.  

A:  Some customers have email applications that are not processing the confirmation email correctly. If the link does not work, please copy the full link from the email and paste it into your internet browser's address bar. If the link still does't work, look at the beginning of the URL address; if it starts with http try changing it to https. We are working with our vendor to correct this issue.   

Q:  I received a bill with a PAST DUE balance, but I paid last month.

A:  A printing error resulted in the mailing of bills with incorrect past due notices. If you received a message on your bill indicating you have a past due balance, but you have already made the payment, please pay only the amount due for the current month. We have taken steps to make sure this does not happen again.

Q:  What do I need to update if I'm paying my bill directly from my bank.  The bank only gives me one field to provide an account number and I now have a customer and account number.  What do I do? 

A:  Every bank has a different format, but your new payment account number for your online banking should be your new City of Chandler Account Number followed by a dash followed by the new Customer Number. For example:
        Account#-Customer# or similarly 12345678-87654321.
You will also need to update the mailing address for payments (if your bank requires a remittance address), which is now:
        City of Chandler
        P.O. Box 52158
        Phoenix, AZ  85072-2158

Q:  I am a SurePay customer. Do I need to do anything?

A:  No. Your information has been transferred to our new billing system and your payment will be withdrawn monthly, as it was before. Please not, SurePay is now called AutoPay. We did have a technical issue where some of our AutoPay customers did not have their bills automatically withdrawn from their accounts and did not receive their email notifications. We found a correction for this issue and will be providing additional information to AutoPay customers soon.

Q:  Do I have to use the new online utility billing and payment system?

A:  No. Using the system is not mandatory, and there are several payment methods you can use (see below).

Q:  Who is InvoiceCloud and why did I receive an email from them or go to their website?

A:  InvoiceCloud is the third party payment processor the City contracted with to expand elextronic payment in Utilities and other areas of the City. InvoiceCloud has many years of experience in the industry and have the highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance rating for securing date. In addition to processing payments to the City, InvoiceCloud sends account notifications and provides a secure, PCI compliant, web based infrastructure that creates a seamless payment experience for our customers.  

More Utility Services Frequently Asked Questions Here

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Your Payment Options

There are several ways to pay your City of Chandler utility bill:

Electronic Payment   Set up the payment through your financial institution’s online banking system. 
Use the following format in the payee account field provided by the bank: 
Account Number followed by a dash followed by the new Customer Number.
For example: 12345678-87654321
  Electonic Banking
One-Time Online   Make a one-time payment with a major credit card or e-check. This can be done whether or not you have registered and created a customer profile.    One Time Electronic Payment
Automatic Payments    Sign up for AutoPay (formerly SurePay), which authorizes the City and your financial institution to handle the transaction for you through an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, or with a major credit card.    Scheduled Payments - AutoPay
Pay By Phone     Credit card payments are accepted through the automated touch tone phone system by calling 480-782-2280.     Pasy by Phone
Pay By Mail      Please include your bill coupon in the return envelope. Do not send cash. Please note that this is a new mailing address (as of 7/14).
         City of Chandler Utility Billing
         PO Box 52158
         Phoenix, AZ 85072-2158
     Pay by Mail
Pay In Person      Pay by cash, check, or major credit card at the Chandler Utility Customer Service Center, located on the first  floor of Chandler City Hall (MAP):
        175 S. Arizona Avenue, Suite A
        8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
     Pay in Person
Drive-Up Drop Box      City of Chandler and Arizona Public Service (APS) payments may be placed in the drive-up drop box located on the south side of City Hall, in the westbound median of Chicago Street, between Arizona Avenue and Washington Street. For security purposes, do not place cash in the drop box.      Drive Up Payment Drop Box
Payment Hardship      If you think you might have some trouble paying your bill, call us immediately at 480-782-2280 and a representative will try to help you arrange a payment plan. We can also give you the names of other community organizations that might be able to assist you.      Payment Hardship - Need More Time


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Set Up, Change, or Discontinue Chandler Utility Service

Establish Your Account   Whether you are renting, a homeowner, or commercial customer you may call our office at 480-782-2280 any time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and a representative will establish your account in a very quick and easy telephone conversation.

Please call us a minimum of one business day prior to the date you need to begin water service with the following information:
      • Name and spouse’s name, if applicable
      • Address where service is requested
      • Mailing address
      • Move in or service activation Date
      • Telephone number
      • Driver License number

An account activation fee of $25 (plus tax) will be assessed to all new utility accounts. Anyone who has not established credit with the City of Chandler Utility Services Division will be required to pay a refundable security deposit. 
Change Account Details   There are two ways to change your account information (such as adding a new phone number or changing an email address).
      • Call 480-782-2280 during normal business hours and speak to a representative.
      • Use our online utility billing system to access your account and change the information yourself.
Close Your Account    There are two ways to close your account.
      • Call 480-782-2280 during normal business hours and speak to a representative.
      • Use our online utility billing system to request that your account be closed.
You will need to provide the date you would like your account closed and the mailing address for your final bill or refund. Your request must be made in person or by phone a minimum of one working day in advance. When using our online system, please allow at least two business days to turn off your services. We do not provide services on holidays or weekends.


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A-OK Voluntary Donation Program

“A-OK” stands for Acts of Kindness, a voluntary tax deductible donation program developed to give residents an easy way to voluntarily contribute $1, $2, $5 or any amount with their utility bill each month. The money raised through the program goes back into the community by helping fund local social service agencies.

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