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Official Website of the Chandler Arizona Fire Department

About the Chandler Fire Department

Chandler Fire Department ShieldThe City of Chandler, Arizona, Fire Department is a progressive, internationally accredited organization with a distinguished history of service to the community. The Department, which started out as volunteer at the time of its formation, is now an all career department. City charter authorizes the fire department to mitigate all hazards to include emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, and crisis intervention. In support of those functions, the fire department staffs a fire prevention bureau, EMS and training divisions, mechanical maintenance facility, Community preparedness office, and fire department administration. 

The emergency medical service system in the City of Chandler is a combined effort. The City of Chandler Fire Department provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) first response and manages patient transport through an agreement with two private ambulance companies. Fire fighters receive medical direction from Chandler Regional Hospital. Through coordinated efforts, the partnership has provided a timely and efficient system of pre-hospital emergency care to the citizens of the City of Chandler.
Chandler Fire is continually reassessing deployment, operational strategies and support functions to ensure we have the optimal ability to provide the best customer service possible.

Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Department brochure

Our Mission:

Chandler Fire is:
• Responsive to the Needs of the Community
• Committed to Community Involvement
• Dedicated to Customer Service
• Proud of our Professionalism