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The Official Website of the Chandler Arizona Fire Department

As part of its Mission the Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Department seeks to provide the highest level of service to the community. In addition to saving lives, treating and reducing injuries, and protecting property, we also train, plan and educate the public.

Our sworn and civilian employees take great pride in the service we provide to the people of Chandler and the surrounding communities. And we are constantly seeking ways to improve service to our customers. We are here for you. Thank you for your feedback and the opportunity to assist you.

Child Car Safety Seats
Car safety seats save lives Car safety seats save lives and their proper installation and use is critical to the safety of any child in your care. CFD holds regular car seat inspection clinics by appointment. More ...
Smoke Detector Checks
Smoke Detector Checks

Smoke detectors save lives and the CFD has senior volunteers who will come to your home and help you check the condition of your home smoke detectors. More ...

Fire Inspections & Assesments
Fire Inspections, Permits & Fees Fire inspections, permits, and assessments are performed or approved by the Fire Prevention Bureau, which is also responsible for investigating fires and hazardous situations. More ...
Questions Frequently Asked of Chandler Firefighters
Firefighter - FAQs You have the questions and the CFH&M Department has the answers for a variety of FAQ topics related to our facilities, policies, programs and services. More ...
Tour a Chandler Fire Station
Young  child in fire fighter helmet Schedule a tour of a Chandler Fire Station or other CFD facility for your school, church, service club, family, etc. Tours are performed by Chandler Fire personnel. More ...

Ride along with Chandler Fire Fighters in our Observer Program
Chandler Firefighter in Engine cab The Observer Program of the CFH&M Department enables qualified people to spend a shift with a CFD crew and ride along as they serve the people of Chandler. More ...
Chandler Fire Department Special Events
Calendar of Events Visit the Chandler Fire Calendar of Events for a list of upcoming special events and activities.