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Chandler Fire Department Honor Guard

The Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Department Honor Guard was established in the summer of 2001 for the purpose of representing the department at ceremonies and events that honor firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty or have passed away from other causes. The Honor Guard's primary duty is to represent the department in a show of solidarity with fellow firefighters by paying respect for a fallen brother or sister who is being buried with the honor and dignity deserved by the nation's bravest heroes. The CFH&M Honor Guard may also attend community events for posting of the National Colors.

The Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Department Pipes & Drums were formed in 2007 and performed publicly for the first time at the retirement of Chief Jim Roxburgh in 2008. Since then, they have performed for a variety of official functions.

Both the Honor Guard and Pipes & Drums are comprised of volunteers from within the department who participate in countless hours of drills, ceremonial practices and music rehearsals.

The Honor Guard and Pipes & Drums functions include:

  • Stand guard over the casket or urn of a fallen brother or sister during times of viewing;
  • Greeting before and after a funeral;
  • Escort the brother or sister firefighter to their final resting place;
  • Perform the flag ceremony before internment and assure the flag is properly presented to the brother or sister's next of kin.

For more information on the CFH&M Honor Guard or Pipes & Drums, call 480-782-2120.

Members of the Chandler Fire Department Honor Guard