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Liquor Licensing and Zoning Approval
If you are a new business owner of an existing establishment or opening a new business that has liquor for sale and/or service, you will need to obtain a liquor license with the City's Tax and License Division and may need to obtain a Use Permit zoning approval. Here is some information on how to obtain a liquor license and Use Permit to allow liquor from the City: 
Liquor license information is available at the City’s Tax and License Division, 175 S. Arizona Ave. Suite A. Before you begin storing, selling, or serving liquor, make sure you are informed on the City’s liquor licensing permit and zoning Use Permit requirements.
There are three required steps to permit a business to store, sell, or serve liquor. Approval is required by the City of Chandler and the Arizona State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, which includes: 

  • City of Chandler Liquor License approval
  • City of Chandler Use Permit zoning approval
  • Arizona State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control license issuance

The City of Chandler requires all businesses to obtain zoning approval of a Use Permit to allow liquor. A Use Permit is a zoning application process that is reviewed by Planning Staff, Planning & Zoning Commission, and the City Council. The Use Permit must be approved by the City Council to allow liquor. Use Permits may be approved with a timing condition that limits the length of time the Use Permit is good for. To find out if a business already has an existing Use Permit for liquor, please contact the Current Planning Division at 480-782-3000 or visit the Current Planning Division at 215 E. Buffalo St. 
For Use permits requesting liquor, please complete and submit the Use Permit application below.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not advisable to file a Use Permit application for liquor unless the building is permitted and under construction due to processing time limits applied by the Arizona State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. Please contact the Licensing Division or Current Planning Division to discuss the process prior to filing license or Use Permit applications.
If a business has an existing Use Permit for liquor, a Planning staff member in Current Planning will advise of any documents that may need to be submitted for our review to make a determination and whether a new Use Permit is or is not required.