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Chandler Fire Department Candidate Physical Ability Test - CPAT

The training tower at the Chandler Fire Training FacilityThe Chandler Fire Department Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is a standardized physical ability test adopted by the CFD as part of hiring process. The test is designed to identify individuals who have the physical attributes to perform the job of a firefighter. The CPAT is conducted by "invitation only" to prospective candidates.

No CPAT orientation classes or tests are currently scheduled.

Below you will find, a detailed description of the CPAT, information about how to register for a CPAT orientation training class, and answers to frequently asked questions about the CPAT.

Chandler Fire Department CPAT Tasks

The position of a firefighter requires above average aerobic/anaerobic capacity, endurance, strength, and flexibility. The CPAT consists of eight separate job related physical tasks performed in a continuous sequence. Each task is a pass/fail objective. The tasks are listed below:

  • The CPAT Intro
  • The stair climb
  • The hose pull
  • The equipment carry
  • The ladder raise
  • Forcible entry
  • The search
  • The rescue
  • The ceiling pull
Chandler Fire Department CPAT Orientation Class