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Chandler Fire Department Fire Training Center (FTC)

Chandler Fire Training Center (FTC)Chandler Fire Training Center  *  3550 S. Dobson Road  *  480-782-2063  *  MAP
In 1998, the City of Chandler built a fire training facility to help meet the growing need to provide ongoing training for staff and a training academy for recruits. The Intel Corporation was instrumental in the creation of the Chandler Fire Training Center (FTC), which was built on land donated by Intel. The FTC has "state of the art" training props, some of which were built by CFD crews. The FTC is also used to train Intel response teams, the Chandler Fire Cadets and the Community Emergency Response Teams, as well.


Four other nearby fire departments use the Chandler Fire Training Center because of its versatility and value.

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Firefighter Training for the Chandler Fire Department  

Our firefighters are provided with on-going training in fire science areas. These topics include hose lays, ladder raises, vehicle extrication, fire suppression, property conservation, command procedures, communication, and rescue of lost trapped firefighters.

Training at the Chandler Fire Training Center

Emergency Medical Services Training for the Chandler Fire Department  

Our paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are constantly reviewing medical care information and techniques, as well as keeping up on new innovations in technology and science. Our EMTs receive continuing education on splinting, bandaging, conducting physical examinations, taking medical histories, administering oxygen, spinal stabilization, and cardio-pulmonary and cardio-cerebral resuscitations. Our paramedics attend a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education every 2 years to comply with state re-certification guidelines. The topics they cover include all of the EMT knowledge and skills plus pharmacology, cardiology, surgical cricothyrotomy, rapid sequence induction, intravenous fluid and drug therapy, endotracheal intubation, psychiatric emergencies, OB and gynecological emergencies, and advanced cardiac arrest management.

The EMS division utilizes computer-based and scenario driven tools to facilitate the education process of our emergency medical providers. One of our most valuable tools is the Laerdal Sim Man. This simulator allows our EMTs and Paramedic to perform almost any skill on the mannequin while being able to assess many signs.

Chandler EMS Training

Driver Training for the Chandler Fire Department  

In 2009, the Chandler Fire Department took delivery of a driving simulator, which became the corner piece of a revitalize driver training program.