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A message from Chandler Fire Chief Jeff Clark

Dear Citizens,
On behalf of the members of the City of Chandler Fire Department I am proud to present to you the 2013 Strategic Plan. This plan is the culmination of a lengthy process undertaken by Fire Department managers and employees, representing an excellent example of what a cooperative labor/management partnership can produce.
The process began with a review of the Department’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC). From these meetings, the City of Chandler Vision and Values were incorporated into five strategic goals supported by 40 objectives that will be addressed over the coming years.
The plan will be updated annually to reflect the progress being achieved and to further outline the issues the Fire Department is facing. The success of the Department will be measured, in large part, by our ability to successfully implement the objectives contained in this plan. The continual achievement of the five overarching goals will ensure the Department is well positioned for success.
The next step in the development of the plan is to ask for input from the citizens of Chandler with regards to the content of the plan. The link below and to the right directs you to a survey asking for your input on the various task level objectives of the plan. I am hopeful that you will take some time to provide input into the future direction of our Fire Department.
Finally, it is with gratitude I express my sincere thanks to all the members of the City of Chandler Fire Department for their active participation in the development of this plan and to you, the citizen, for assisting with the final steps of the process.
Should you wish to contact me directly, please email or call 480-782-2130.
Jeff Clark
Fire Chief
The following goals are the foundation for the Chandler Fire Department Strategic Plan.

Goal #1

Provide effective and efficient service delivery to customers, and ensure the long-term sustainment of all service delivery.
The community depends on the City of Chandler Fire Department to provide much more than fire suppression services. The Fire Department must ensure the continued provision of fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials, technical rescue, community preparedness, public education, and fire prevention services to meet the demonstrated needs of the community. The Department must focus on maintaining each of these services at a level that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Goal #2

Develop, support, and empower the workforce to fully realize their leadership potential.
By investing in the talents of Department members, the Department will be better prepared to meet the needs of customers.

Goal #3

Promote the long-term fiscal health of the Department.
Continue to be creative to meet the challenges of new fiscal constraints created by build-out of the community and a changing economy.

Goal #4

Safeguard the community through proactive prevention, preparedness, and public education programs.
Acknowledging that the best kind of emergency is the one that is prevented, the Department must work with the community to implement prevention strategies that maximize the public’s well being and ensures the Department’s effectiveness for those emergencies that could not be prevented.

Goal #5

Strengthen and develop relationships with existing and new stakeholders.
The Department strives to create and renew relationships with individuals, citizen groups, public agencies, and private entities that benefit from the programs and services of the City of Chandler Fire Department and/or directly impact the Department’s ability to meet its mission and goals.


Chandelr Fire Chief Jeff Clark    
 Chief Jeff Clark

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