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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the application process.

Application Questions:

After I have entered my application and submitted it for a particular job, how do I know the Human Resources Department has received it?
If you have applied online through Candidate Self Service, you will receive an e-mail confirmation stating that your application has been received. If you applied with a paper application, you will receive a postcard confirming that your application has been received.
General Questions:

Can I apply for a position any time I wish?
You can apply for any position that is open for recruitment.

How do I apply for an open job at the City of Chandler?
There are several ways to apply for an open job:

The best way to apply for an open job is through Candidate Self Service, the City's online application system.
Stop by the Human Resources Office at 175 S. Arizona Place, 2nd Floor, in Chandler. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can pick up an application or fill one out while you’re here.

Drop Box: We also have an application drop box conveniently located outside our office door. Applications submitted via this box after 5 p.m. will not be processed until the next business day.

If I am interested in applying for more than one job, do I need to submit an application for each?
If you are applying through Candidate Self Service, you can create a profile one time. You then can use that profile to apply for as many open jobs as you would like.

What if I am not selected for an interview or a job?
You are encouraged to continue reviewing our jobs through Candidate Self Service for other job opportunities.

Interview Process Questions:

How will I know if I am selected for an interview? 
The hiring department will contact you if you have been selected for an interview.