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Chandler well served by retiring Erie Well

Erie Well The oldest drinking water well operated by the City has been retired after helping quench Chandler's thirst for more than 60 years.

The pump atop Chandler's Erie Well was removed from its casing last week, marking one of the final steps in the abandonment of the well site (see attached photos). 

Located on Erie Street behind historic Chandler High School, Erie Well had been one of nearly 30 potable wells in operation throughout the City. It began pumping water in January 1948. During its lifetime, the well supplied an estimated 9.2 billion gallons of water to a growing community. 

Chandler's population was approximately 3,300, when the well pumped its first gallon of drinking water. Harry S. Truman was President and Ralph Brown was Chandler Mayor.

Erie Well Entry GateThe well is being abandoned because sand had begu