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InfoMap adds new features, road restrictions

Since 2004, visitors to Chandler’s website,, have had access to a unique online map called InfoMap that shows where various City facilities are located, plus information about the facility, along with a phone number and web link to obtain additional information if desired.

Over the years, InfoMap has grown to include the locations of public schools and information about neighborhoods. On April 19, a new and improved InfoMap was uploaded to the City’s website that provides greater functionality and additional content, including the location and expected duration of traffic restrictions caused by construction projects.

The map has a legend that lists the various facility types displayed on the map. Each type has a specific symbol. As you zoom into the map, additional layers of information appear and their corresponding symbol shows up in the legend. Clicking on a symbol, such as the Municipal Building symbol, activates a pop-up window with the address, phone number, website and description of the facility.

A Basemap Selector allows users to change from a line map to an aerial map and a Search tool helps locate addresses and facilities. A Near Me widget allows users to type in an address to find out what facilities are located near that address.

The Neighborhoods widget is especially useful, as it shows the location of neighborhoods registered with the City, of which there are over 300, and clicking on the neighborhood opens a pop-up window showing the number of homes, establishment date, contact information and links to maps of the neighborhood that can be printed. Users not finding their neighborhood on InfoMap can contact Chandler’s Neighborhood Programs Office at 480-782-4300 to get registered.

The road restriction information is the latest addition and the restrictions appear on the map as red, green or blue lines, depending on the severity of the traffic restriction. Clicking on the location opens a pop-up window describing the restriction and expected duration. Also new to InfoMap is a layer that indicates which streets are privately owned, and therefore not maintained by the City. This data layer appears as users zoom into the map and disappears when zooming out.

Although not part of InfoMap, a link from the map is provided to an interactive Planning Map tool showing the location of current zoning cases. The properties are color highlighted and clicking on the property brings up a pop-up window containing the name of the project, case number, name of the City planner assigned to the case, a phone number and, if scheduled, the dates of public hearings along with the staff memo. 

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology was used to make the maps, and while the technology behind GIS can be rather complex, its use in creating these maps gives people an easy way to learn more about their surroundings.

To view Chandler’s InfoMap, visit The Planning Map tool can be found at