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City of Chandler Salary Plan - 2013-14
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OT Status Legend:
Non-Exempt = Hourly Position
Exempt = Salaried Position
Excellence is the responsibility of everyone at the City of Chandler. We lead by our core values in constant pursuit of excellence:

*Commitment – Dedicate oneself to consistent and excellent public service
*Innovation – Implement unique, creative and cost-effective solutions
*Communication – Communicate in a positive, honest and productive manner
*Integrity - Adherence to high ethical standards
*Diversity – Promote inclusiveness and impartiality throughout the organization
*Personal Responsibility – Take initiative to achieve excellence and accept accountability
*Respect – Demonstrate a high regard for others
*Teamwork – Promote cooperative efforts, open communication and trust

All City employees are expected to conduct themselves in a way consistent with the above values.

Job Description

Pay Grade: 31                FLSA Status: Exempt
Job Group: Professional (P) Class Code: C009
Effective Date: 7/01            Revision Date:     8/03, 7/05, 10/06, 10/09

Classification Summary:
The primary function of an employee in this class is to perform advanced professional legal work involving the prosecution of suspects in misdemeanor criminal cases and participates in administrative and research functions in civil areas when directed. Prosecutes cases within the jurisdiction of the City Charter, ordinances, and Arizona State Statutes that are within the original or concurrent jurisdiction of the Chandler City Courts.

Essential Functions:
Essential Functions are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills. They are intended to be accurate summaries of what the job classification involves and what is required to perform it. Employees are responsible for all other duties as assigned.
Supervises, trains, assigns cases, provides guidance and reviews work of Assistant City Prosecutors;
Provides extensive legal advice and training to police and Assistant City Prosecutors based on expertise in the area of criminal law;
Provides statistical accounting of case dispositions and other data as required by Arizona law and the City of Chandler;
Assists the Assistant City Attorneys by appearing at hearings and trials when necessary;
Prosecute cases in other jurisdictions that are classified as "conflict cases";
Confer and meet with other jurisdictions regarding issues of statewide importance;
Interviews and evaluates applicants for Assistant City Prosecutor and makes recommendations to the City Attorney;
Plans, directs, and evaluates the performance of Assistant Prosecutors; makes decisions concerning continuation of employment and makes recommendations to the City Attorney;
Sets and directs office policy relative to work flow, plea offers, and ensures proper implementations;
Meets with court, City Attorney, and police personnel to discuss inter-office procedures;
Conducts training for other City departments to ensure proper investigation, documentation, and presentation in court;
Conducts pretrial discovery conferences to determine whether a case will be settled with a negotiated agreement or will proceed to trail;
Represents the State of Arizona in jury and nonjury trials;
Conducts pretrial evidentiary hearings to counter pretrial defense motions;
Files and responds to appeals to higher courts (Superior, Appellate, and Supreme courts) concerning the propriety of lower court hearings; presents oral arguments in appellate courts;
Reviews police reports to determine whether charges will be filed;
Ensures proper implementation of victim rights legislation and victim rights notification/mailings;
Drafts City code provisions/amendments to deal with new or ongoing social or legal problems;
Attends Superior Court Rule 11 (mental competency) proceedings to determine the competency of an accused person to stand trial;
Works closely with office manager and support staff to ensure an efficiently run office;
Meets with Chief City Magistrate on policies and procedures;
Keeps City Attorney appraised of potential problems as needed;
Meets with outside prosecutorial/law enforcement organizations;
Oversees day-to-day work and duties of in-house police investigator assigned to Prosecutor's Office; reports on investigator's progress/duties to his/her supervisor at the Police Department;
Confers with Information Technology personnel regarding office needs and concerns;
Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies and procedures;
Works in a safe manner and reports unsafe activity and conditions. Follows City-wide safety policy and practices and adheres to responsibilities concerning safety prevention, reporting and monitoring as outlined in the City's Safety Handbook.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of:
Current supervisory practices and techniques;
City, state and federal laws related to the criminal prosecution of suspects;
Municipal government and the procedures and practices followed by the City's Police Department;
All phases and procedures dealing with municipal prosecution;
Judicial procedures and the rules of evidence;
Established precedents and sources of legal references applicable to criminal cases;
Current legal research techniques, including use of computer-based methods;
Operation of standard office equipment including a personal computer and job-related software applications;
English grammar and punctuation;
General office practices and procedures.

Ability to:
Tactfully deal with other City departments, other prosecutorial agencies, and court;
Take a measured approach to situations and to make decisions on issues that arise without prior notice;
Write and speak clearly, logically, and persuasively;
Keep abreast of current case law and statutes;
Understand and present complex legal and scientific theories in a courtroom setting;
Tactfully address confrontational or unpleasant issues and situations as they may arise;
Deal immediately with issues brought by fellow employees, the public, or representatives from other agencies;
Make sound and reasonable decisions in accordance with laws, ordinances, regulations, and established procedures;
Perform a wide variety of duties and responsibilities with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines;
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City employees, supervisory personnel, state and local elected officials, and the public;
Operate standard office equipment and a personal computer using program applications appropriate to assigned duties;
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
Use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions.

Supervision Received:
The work is performed under the general supervision of the City Attorney.

Supervision Exercised:
Supervision is exercised over the Victim Services Specialist and Asst. City Prosecutor levels I & II.

Minimum Qualifications:
Graduation from a School of Law Accredited by the American Bar Association with a Juris Doctorate Degree; and
Eight (8) years of prosecution experience including significant supervisory experience; and
Membership in good standing in the Arizona State Bar Association.

Work Environment:
The primary duties of this class are performed in a general office environment and courtroom.

Essential Physical Abilities:
Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to discern verbal instructions and to communicate effectively in person, on a telephone, and in a courtroom environment;
Sufficient vision or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to comprehend written work instructions and to assist in the preparation, monitoring, and litigation of all criminal and civil cases;
Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee operate standard office equipment and a personal computer;
Sufficient personal mobility, flexibility, and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to work in an office environment, lift up to 20 pounds, and perform in a courtroom environment.