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The City of Chandler Aquatics staff encourages you to stay fit and healthy through recreational swimming.We also support youth stroke development
opportunities in the community!

We offer lap swimming year-round at select Chandler facilities.
recreational swim teams in Chandler
other aquatics classes offered in Chandler

Chandler Pools & Aquatic Centers

Lap swimming opportunities in the morning and evening
Swimming is a great way to
stay fit!

 We offer year-round lap swimming in
 the early mornings and the evenings at 
 select  facilities (at right). And the water is

 We also reserve at least one lane during
 public swim hours for lap swimming.    

The City of Chandler
encourages fitness through

 The intent of this program is to provide
 an adult lap swim fitness program.
 However, circumstance may allow some
 youth and teens to participate. All children
 under the age of 15 will be asked to
 complete a 500 yard continuous
 (no stopping) swim test and have a
 swimming ability equivalent to the
 American Red Cross Level VI or the 
City of Chandler’s Marlin level.

Early Bird Swim
@ Hamilton Aquatic Center

     3838 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler

 Monday - Thursday
 5:30-7:30 a.m.

 Admission: $2

Passes sold to Chandler residents only: 
    - Resident Punch Passes: 
           5 visits $7.50
           20 visits $30
           30 visits $45
    - Non-resident Punch Passes: 

           5 visits $7.50
           20 visits $30
           30 visits $45
    - Annual Lap Swim Pass: $200

There will be no lap swimming at
 Hamilton or Mesquite Groves

 on the following dates:
   ► Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015
             - Veteran's Day
   ► Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015
             - Thanksgiving Day, except Hamilton

Night Owl Swim
@ Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center

     5901 S. Hillcrest Dr., Chandler

 Monday - Thursday
 7-9 p.m.

 Admission:  $2

 Passes sold to Chandler residents only: 
    - Punch Passes: 
          5 visits $7.50
          20 visits $30
          30 visits $45
    - Annual Lap Swim Pass: $200

Training Assistance:

 If you would like to build endurance, work on
 the form or speed of your stroke, or you are
 training for a triathlon, please ask the staff
 member on deck to help reach your goal.
 They can assist you with a specific workout
 (from beginner to advanced) to suit your

other aquatics classes offered by Chandler


 All classes are 50 minutes. Participants
 must be 16 years or older. Fee is based
 on 8 classes. Drop-in fee is $5 for
 resident and $7 for non-resident, space
 permitting (Drop-in participation is
 limited due to class size. Drop-in may
 not be accommodated if class
 registration is full). 
 tAQUAta Shallow: 
 Aqua + Tabata = tAQUAta
 This course is based off of the Tabata
 workout, which uses High Intensity Interval
 Training, to improve cardiovascular and
 metabolic systems. This course uses the
 natural resistance of shallow and deep
 water to power moves without impacting
 joints. tAQUAta offers a balanced emphasis
 on cardio, strength, and the core throughout
 the session (3.5 to 5 ft. deep)
 Aqua Fit Deep: Uses deep water jogging
 and exercises to challenge and strengthen
 the entire body including the core. This
 class is held in 6-12 feet of water, in a
 vertical position, feet not touching the
 bottom to improve overall fitness. Flotation
 belts, noodles and other equipment are
 used but comfort in the water is
Class Fee:
Resident fee: $35
Non-resident fee: $48

Drop In Fee:
Resident fee: $5
Non-resident fee: $7

Location:  Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center
Tu/Th  9/29-10/22     9-9:50 a.m.  16yrs+  tAQUAta
Tu/Th  9/29-10/22     7-7:50 p.m.  16yrs+  DEEP
Tu/Th  10/27-11/19   9-9:50 a.m.  16yrs+  tAQUAta
Tu/Th  10/27-11/19   7-7:50 p.m.  16yrs+  DEEP



Instructor Fee
8-Day: Resident:  $80     Non-resident:  $108
   6-Day: Resident:  $60     Non-resident:  $81
   4-Day: Resident:  $40     Non-resident:  $54
   3-Day: Resident:  $30     Non-resident:  $41
Registration Fee
8-Day: Resident:  $22     Non-resident:  $30
   6-Day: Resident:  $17     Non-resident:  $23
   4-Day: Resident:  $11     Non-resident:  $15

   3-Day: Resident:  $9       Non-resident:  $11
USA Diving fee* (one time): $12

(8-18 YRS)

Dive into something new! Learn the positions
and fundamentals of springboard diving in a
fun and safe environment. The class will
focus on basic Board-work technique, entry work, and skill development on a one-meter diving board.

Location:  Mesquite Groves Aquatic Ctr
303.696    M/W     11/9-30,                    4-5 p.m.
                                 (no class 11/11)      
303.302    Sa         2/20-3/5                   9-10 a.m.

(12+ YRS)

This class is for diving students who have
completed a series of introductory diving
lessons. Divers will learn back, inward,
reverse, and twisting/flipping dives on a
one-meter board. Class Prerequisite:
Must be able to perform a hurdle, tuck,
and pick dive

Location:  Mesquite Groves Aquatic Ctr
303.690    M/W     11/9-30,                 5-6 p.m.
                               (no class 11/11)
303.304    Sa         2/20-3/5                10-11 a.m.

*USA Diving fee must be paid BEFORE
the first day of the class to participate.
Complete your membership application
online at https://webpoint.usadiving.org/wp/
memberships/join.wp and select "Limited
Athlete Membership", then select "club:
Chandler Aquatics Diving, Coach of Record:
Herpin Rachel". Please submit a copy

of your completed membership directly to
the instructor Rachel Herpin at
rachel.herpin@me.com. This limited
membership is valid for one year and
only need to be purchased once.


  Youth Stroke Development is designed to 
  help participants improve their strokes and
  provide a basic understanding of swimming
  with a recreational swim team.

   * Participants must be able to swim
     continuously for 25-50 yards of freestyle

     with rotary breathing and 25-50 yards of

   * It is highly recommended participants 
     have completed the swimming ability
     equivalent to our Fish class or can
     perform with some proficiency the
     following strokes: freestyle, backstroke
     and breaststroke.

    Resident fee: $31
    Non-resident fee: $42

   Freestyle, Backstroke, Starts & Turns
     Location:  Arrowhead Pool
      None at this time

   Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Starts
    & Turns

    Location:  Arrowhead Pool
      None at this time

    (11-15 YRS)

    This course will teach water safety and
    introduce participants to the duties and
    responsibilities of a lifeguard; however,
    this course will not certify anyone to be
    a lifeguard. Participants will have an
    introduction to first aid, and CPR/AED and
    build a foundation of knowledge, attitudes
    and skills in preparation for the American
    Red Cross Lifeguarding course.
    Successful completion requires
    participation in skills practice.
    Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

   To participate in Junior Lifeguarding, the
    following skills must be demonstrated:
     + Swim the front crawl for 25 yards
        continuously while breathing to the front
        or side.
     + Tread water for 1 minute.
     + Float on the back for 30 seconds.
     + Submerge and swim a distance of
        10 feet underwater.
    The skills evaluation will occur on the first
    day of the program. Participants should
    bring a swimsuit and towel for the skills
    evaluation and for every class.
    Upon completion of this program, the
    participant will receive a certificate of
    completion and t-shirt. Upon turning
    15 years of age, they will be prepared to
    enroll in the American Red Cross
    Lifeguarding course, where the
    knowledge and skills of a lifeguard will
    be taught.    

   Resident fee:  $57
   Non-resident fee:  $74

   Location:  Arrowhead Pool
   Location:  Hamilton Aquatic Center
   Location:  Mesquite Groves Aquatic Ctr
   Location:  Nozomi Aquatic Center
      Usually offered in the Summer


   You know how to swim but want help
   perfecting your stroke. You are thinking
   about competing in a triathlon but
   swimming is your weakest sport.
   Instructors will work with participants to
   perfect their stroke technique, swim longer
   distances, and improve performance.
   None at this time...


   Resident fee: $31
   Non-resident fee: $42   

   Endurance - This coached practice will
   help participants improve their swimming
   endurance. Course sets will be designed
   to help improve times and increase stamina.
   Location:  Hamilton Aquatic Center
   None at this time

  Refinement - This coached practice will
  help those seeking to improve their stroke
  technique and form. The instructor will
  work with participants to polish strokes
  through this instruction, participants will
  be able to improve times.

   Location:  Hamilton Aquatic Center
      None at this time

   We recommend customers register
   using our online registration system.


    (9-10 YRS)

    This is a great opportunity to introduce
    pre-teens into the Junior Lifeguarding
    Program. This program requires
    dedication and commitment. Upon
    completion of this program, the participant
    will receive a certificate and t-shirt. This
    program will be offered at four of the six
    aquatic centers. Enrollment is limited to
    10 participants.

    To participate in the Guard Start Program,
    the following skills must be demonstrated:
       + Swim the front crawl for 25 yards
           continuously while breathing to the
           front or side.
       + Tread water for 1 minute.
       + Float on the back for 30 seconds.
       + Submerge and swim a distance of
          10 feet underwater.

    The skills evaluation will occur on the first
    day of the program. Participants should
    bring a swimsuit and towel for the skills
    evaluation and for every class.

  Resident fee:  $47
  Non-resident fee:  $64

  Location:  Arrowhead Pool
  Location:  Hamilton Aquatic Center
  Location:  Mesquite Groves Aquatic Ctr
  Location:  Nozomi Aquatic Center
     Usually offered in the Summer
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