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August 15, 2011

Crime & Terrorism Prevention Technology Patented in Chandler, AZ

CHANDLER, AZ– Cummings Engineering today announced the issuance of a patent which will ultimately be used to help prevent acts of crime and terrorism.  The patent protects Cummings Engineering’s development of a Grass Roots Intelligence Program (GRIP). GRIP is a unique system for collecting, filtering and analyzing vast amounts of data that may otherwise appear unrelated or inconsequential.  Applicable for crime prevention at the local, state and federal levels, the technology itself will eventually be available as an app on any mobile device.
The technology empowers US citizens to play a role in protecting our communities by providing a simple means to report activity through their mobile devices for the ultimate purpose of preventing crime. Citizen reports are filtered through the GRIP database and analyzed against all other information.  The system then uses artificial intelligence to determine relationships, and takes the appropriate action based its findings. The system is constantly analyzing incoming data, predicting threats and transforming the findings into actionable intelligence. 
GRIP provides immediate and credible