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June 30, 2012

Pilot brings world record attempt to Chandler

Pilot Michael Combs, along with his son and copilot Daniel Routh, refueled at Chandler Municipal Airport this morning on their attempt at a World Record for a Transcontinental Flight in a Light Aircraft. The 10 a.m. touchdown occurred under warm, clear skies as the duo were greeted by airport staff.
The Flight took off at approximately 7 a.m. Arizona time from Carlsbad, California with the hope of setting a world aviation record for completing the 2,030 mile daytime-only journey from California to North Carolina in two days. Combs had a near-death experience and this flight is part of his dream to live out his goals and inspire others to do the same.
Airport official Lori Quan presented the pair with a Chandler Centennial Pin in honor of their journey and Airport Operations & Maintenance Technician Marc Douglas was ready with cold bottles of water.
Follow the “Flight for the Human Spirit” at or @combscoach on twitter, or email or call Cyndi Combs at (214) 596-062, For information about Chandler Municipal Airport visit