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Aug. 16, 2012

Water Hazards videoFire Department creates new video focused on water hazards

A new video produced by the Chandler Fire Department educates the public about the hazards of natural and man-made water settings, such as canals, ponds, lakes, fountains and other potential hazards. The “Water Hazards” video is airing on Chandler Channel 11 (Cox Cable) and streaming online at

Arizona ranks 1st in the country in water related deaths, and in recent years, the Chandler Fire Department has heavily promoted its Eye-to-Eye to Supervise campaign throughout the community. “Water Hazards” attempts to expand that message beyond a backyard pool setting and show that some water amenities can be dangerous for people of all ages. 

“While these water features add a certain ambiance to housing communities and neighborhood parks, they pose some significant dangers,” says Chandler Fire Engineer David Blau in the video. The many miles of canals and irrigation ditches in the Valley are extremely hazardous, as well. “The obvious danger is that there is no fencing” around most of these water features, said Blau. “No barrier to the water means people, adults as well as children, can access the water on purpose or by accident.”

Man-made lakes often have hidden dangers that may lay beneath the surface, and which can be obscured by the chemicals and dyes added to the water to prevent algae growth. Possible entanglement under the water surface, the water depth, flow rate, and the slope of the sides of canals and lakes, are all added risks for anyone, especially children, doing activities around these bodies of water.

“All these factors together … give us plenty of reasons to be smart and stay safe when you and especially your kids are doing activities around canals or any body of water,” Blau said. “Remember Eye-to-Eye to Supervise is not just for swimming pools!”