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Feb. 23, 2016

Indoor cycling classes held at Chandler Tennis Center

A colorful banner along McQueen Road in south Chandler beckons drivers to park their cars and go cycling at Chandler’s Tennis Center where 15 new spin bikes adorn an indoor cycling studio.

The program is among the more than 50 group fitness and indoor cycling classes offered by Chandler’s Tumbleweed Recreation Center (TRC). Instructors coach and motivate each "spinner," but participants determine their own pace and dictate the intensity of their ride.

"That is the beauty about indoor cycling; the rider is responsible for turning up their own resistance and the music makes it fun and inspiring," said Vickie Lang, a recreation coordinator at the TRC. "The instructor will ask if anyone is new to the class and help the rider with proper bike set-up and offer modifications along the way."

Morning-only cycling classes are held Wednesday and Saturday and morning and evening classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Single-day passes are available for as little as $2 for youth, $4 for adults and $3 for teens and seniors.

Non-residents pay a couple dollars more, which remains a bargain given that pass holders can access dozens of other fitness classes and activities in addition to indoor cycling. A discounted Punch Pass good for 10 visits, plus monthly and annual passes, also is available.

So whether you like churnin’ and burnin’, or just limbering up, Chandler’s indoor cycling class invites you to park your car and jump on a bike as a great way to stay active while having fun. For more information, contact Vickie at 480-782-2907.