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Feb. 24, 2016

Hearings set for Chandler’s draft General Plan

Chandler’s Planning & Zoning Commission will hold two public hearings next month on Chandler’s draft General Plan.

The first hearing will be held at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 9, at Tumbleweed Recreation Center, 745 E. Germann Road. A second hearing will occur at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 16, in the City Council Chambers, 88 E. Chicago St.

The public is encouraged to attend the hearings and provide comment on the plan, a document that establishes land use policies that guide growth and land development. 

State law requires cities to readopt or update their General Plans at least once every 10 years. The current General Plan was adopted by the City Council and ratified by voters in 2008.  The City started the process of updating the General Plan well before the 2018 deadline in order to review and refine key corridors prior to build-out. Areas of focus include the municipal airport, the Price Road Corridor, and potential redevelopment along North Arizona Avenue, among others.

A draft of the updated plan is available for public review online at and at Chandler libraries, the Transportation & Development Office and the City Clerk’s Office.

Comments can be submitted online via the website, emailed to, or mailed to the City’s Planning Division, c/o David de la Torre, Mail Stop 105, P.O. Box 4008, Chandler, AZ 85244-4008.

The City Council will consider approval of the plan at an April 14 public hearing and, if approved, call for a public vote on the plan at the August 30, 2016 primary election.