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March 18, 2016

Busy Chandler intersection to get dual left turn lanes

It’s going to get easier to turn left at the intersection of Gilbert and Queen Creek roads beginning next month following the installation of dual left turn lanes and new flashing yellow left turn arrows.

No major construction will be required, just restriping the already widened intersection to enable two left turn lanes in each direction. Traffic impacts during construction will be minor and the work is scheduled to begin the week of March 28 and be completed by the end of that week.

Mike Mah, Chandler’s Transportation Engineer, said the busy southeast Chandler intersection has been experiencing significant congestion during morning and afternoon rush hours, especially in the southbound and eastbound left turn movements. The increased capacity provided by dual left turn bays should ease the congestion, he said.

In addition, new flashing yellow left turn arrows will be installed in all four directions. The flashing yellow arrow indicates drivers can proceed left with caution while yielding to oncoming traffic. They will be activated during overnight hours when traffic volumes are lower.  During busier daytime hours, motorists will only be able to turn left on a green arrow.