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April 1, 2016

Project to improve drainage system at Paseo Vista Rec Area

Visitors to Chandler’s popular Paseo Vista Recreational Area will encounter construction activity over the next five months. The work is associated with a $1.3 million project to improve the drainage system. The 64-acre recreational area is located on the northwest corner of McQueen and Ocotillo roads atop Chandler’s former landfill, which closed in 2005.

The landfill was transformed into a recreational area in 2009, but over the past six years several areas along the slopes of the site have eroded during storm events. The drainage system has been redesigned to better control stormwater runoff. The construction project will remove and relocate some of the existing rock channels and rock filled gabion baskets and install new concrete channels and stormwater piping. Ground compaction and the application of new groundcover also will occur.

The construction will be coordinated with the City’s Parks Division to minimize impact on recreational use while maintaining public safety. The archery range and frisbee golf course may be closed for short periods of time to accommodate the work, along with the southbound curb lane of McQueen Road during installation of a concrete channel. 

The work is being performed by Redpoint Contracting of Phoenix and is to be completed by Labor Day.