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July 27, 2016

FRANK Talks coming to Chandler Public Library in August

FRANK Talks at the Chandler Public LibraryIn August, the Chandler Public Library hosts FRANK Talks, a series of public conversations on issues of local and national importance, led by humanities scholars and experts on the talk topic. The goal of the talks is to inspire people to practice the skill of citizenship; to listen respectfully and engage thoughtfully with one another on important issues that affect the community. FRANK Talks are free for the public to attend, and no registration is required.
“Chandler Public Library strives to be a gathering place where civil and open dialogue about important topics facing our community can happen,” says Brenda Brown, director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Chandler. “We are so fortunate to be in partnership with Arizona Humanities and the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records on this pilot program.”
“Stories of Arizona: Historic Places, Spaces and People”
Wednesday, Aug. 17, 5:30 p.m.
Chandler Basha Library, 5990 S. Val Vista Drive 
Sometimes, Arizona’s stories include controversial history; join historian Marshall Shore to talk about local stories, people, places and events that make Arizona unique.
“You mean there’s RACE in my movie?”
Saturday, August 20, 2 p.m.
Chandler Hamilton Library, 3700 S. Arizona Ave.
Hollywood is divided when it comes to race. The faces on-screen don’t necessarily reflect the faces in the audience, and the selection and depiction of characters is different for different races. Hosted by Dr. Frederick Gooding, Jr., assistant professor of Ethnic Studies, NAU. 
“Race and Sports: How Sports Media Creates an Uneven Playing Field”
Tuesday, Aug. 23, 6:30 p.m.
Chandler Downtown Library, 22 S. Delaware St. 
Why are some athletes forgiven for lapses in character, how are sports images created and what is the impact of these portrayals? Join Dr. Frederick Gooding, Jr., assistant professor of Ethnic Studies at NAU, for a discussion on the role of media in sports.
“Electing the President: the Constitutional Process and History”
Wednesday, Aug. 24, 6:30 p.m.
Chandler Sunset Library, 4930 W. Ray Road
Presidential elections generate a lot of heat, but don’t shed much light on the indirect layered-election process that U.S. Constitution’s framers created. Join Dr. T.J. Davis from the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at ASU for a talk on how and why the U.S. presidential election process works the way it does.
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  • About Chandler Public Library
    Serving residents of Chandler and the East Valley since 1954, Chandler Public Library has a commitment to being the reading, learning and cultural center of the community. As the information leaders, we provide a variety of resources in a variety of formats, so library users of all ages can explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives. Chandler Public Library is part of the City of Chandler Cultural Affairs Division. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • About FRANK Talks
    FRANK Talks are face-to-face conversations on ideas that matter. Discuss issues of local and national importance at your local library led by humanities scholars and experts on the topic. FRANK Talks are named in part to honor Lorraine W. Frank, the founding executive director of Arizona Humanities. During her tenure, she elevated public discourse and understood that engaging communities in dialogue was critical to the well-being of our state. Lorraine W. Frank passed away in 2005, and in 2015, she was inducted into the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame.