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Aug. 18, 2016

STEM Saturday educational youth program returns to Tumbleweed Ranch on Oct. 8 

Monthly program presented by Chandler Museum in partnership with the Museum of Science and Sustainability (MoSS)
Beginning in October, the Chandler Museum and the Museum of Science and Sustainability (MoSS) will partner once again to offer monthly STEM Saturday programs designed for youth, ages 5 to 12, but suitable for anyone interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
The first STEM Saturday is on Oct. 8, 2016, and they continue once a month through April 2017. The programs are hosted at Chandler Museum’s Tumbleweed Ranch, located within Tumbleweed Park, 2250 S. McQueen Rd.
There is no charge to attend STEM Saturday programming, except in March when the program will be included with admission to the annual Ostrich Festival. Families are welcome to drop in anytime between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., to experience relevant interactive science-based activities that convey a multifaceted overview of the monthly theme.
 “The Chandler Museum started STEM programming at the Ranch eight years ago as a unique way to engage youth with science and history,” said Chandler Museum Administrator Jody Crago. “The Museum of Science and Sustainability is the perfect partner, bringing incredible expertise and resources that result in high quality, engaging science programming for our young participants.”
A boy works on a puzzle during STEM Saturday at Tumbleweed RanchThe series starts on Oct. 8 with Urban Gardening for Every Home which invites participants to explore new and old water conservation technology for gardening. Attendees also will learn about ancient farming methods and make their own preservation system with green onion that can last for months without refrigeration.
The next program in the series, Olde Time Communication, will be on Nov. 12, with attendees exploring how their ancestors communicated long before there was Facebook and Twitter. Participants will try out a telegraph, operate a switchboard, test their verbal communication skills and find out why pigeons were good postal workers.
“This year, our scientists and engineers have created the most engaging STEM exhibits and activities we’ve had to date,” said Disa McAlister, executive director of the Museum of Science and Sustainability. “We are very excited to partner with Chandler Museum again to provide fun educational programs for the people of Chandler.”
For more information, call 480-782-2874, or visit

STEM Saturday Schedule
  • October 8 – Urban Gardening for Every Home
  • November 12 – Olde Time Communication
  • December 10 – Marvelous Materials
  • January 7 – Waves: The Doppler Effect and more!
  • February 11 – Microorganisms: The Invisible World
  • March 11 – Science of Birds
  • April 8 – Electricity: May the Spark Be With You 

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About Museum of Science and Sustainability
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