Airport Studies and Maps

2008 - 2010 FAR 150 Noise Study Initiative

FAR Part 150 is a voluntary program that many U.S. airports perform periodically to determine the noise impact of their current and future planned operations on the surrounding neighborhoods. The study was updated in 2009 and submitted to the FAA for review. The Study can be viewed by clicking on the FAR 150 Noise Study link on this page.

2010 Airport Master Plan

The current master plan was adopted in 2007 and approved by the FAA in 2010. It guides the City's efforts to prioritize, fund and implement improvements at the airport. The Airport Master Plan and City Council documentation is available for download above.

* It is important to note that although the study suggests extending Runway 4R/22L to 5700 feet, Chandler City Code requires a successful bond vote on this issue before such an extension may occur.

FAA Traffic Pattern Airspace/Flight Paths

FAA Traffic Pattern Airspace is an area around the airport, as defined by the FAA where air traffic overflight can be expected as it approaches and departs the airport. Flight paths vary depending on a variety of factors including origin/destination, wind conditions, aircraft performance characteristics and other aircraft in the traffic pattern. Aircraft may approach and depart the airports from any number of directions. While air traffic may be generalized and depicted by single tracks on a map, it is, by nature, dispersed.