Employment Centers

Chandler has five designated employment centers: Airpark Area, Downtown Chandler, Price Corridor, Uptown Chandler and West Chandler

Within these five areas, current business activity and land reserved for future employment uses are most concentrated.

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Employment Corridors Map


Chandler’s employment centers are home to 1,891 businesses and 87,931 jobs, representing about 77 percent of all jobs in Chandler. There are a total of 114,454 jobs throughout Chandler.


Employment Corridor #Businesses #Jobs
Airpark Area 243 7,011
Downtown Chandler 81 2,320
Price Corridor 527 39,035
Uptown Chandler 418 11,772
West Chandler 622 27,793


Data Source: Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) 2017 Employer Database