Employment Corridors

Chandler has five designated employment corridors: Airpark Area, Downtown Chandler, Price Corridor, Uptown Chandler and West Chandler

Within these five areas, current business activity and land reserved for future employment uses are most concentrated.

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City of Chandler Employment Corridors Map Downtown Chandler Airpark Area West Chandler Uptown Chandler Price Corridor

Chandler’s employment corridors are home to 2,103 businesses and 98,750 jobs, representing about 79 percent of all jobs in Chandler. There are a total of 124,870 jobs throughout Chandler.


Employment Corridor #Businesses #Jobs
Airpark Area 323 10,710
Downtown Chandler 103 2,500
Price Corridor 623 44,740
Uptown Chandler 418 11,710
West Chandler 636 29,090


Data Source: Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) 2019 Employer Database