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Explore Chandler From Wherever You Are 

Chandler History on ChandlerpediA
Photographs, newspapers, documents, online exhibits, and more. ChandlerpediA - Chandler Museum

About Stellar Airpark (PDF)
Read about Chandler's Stellar Airpark, written by Stellar Airpark.

Stories from the Chandler Airport
The story of how Chandler's airport got where it is today.

World War II Honor Roll
Explore in-depth experiences of Chandler men and women during the Second World War.
Stories from the Chandler Airport - Chandler Museum
Chandler Mayors’ Stories
Former mayors describe what brought them to public service and how Chandler has grown over time.  All pictures are courtesy of the City Clerk’s office.

Hispanic Heritage Stories
Photos and family stories capture the resiliency, struggles and pride of Chandler’s early Hispanic community. 

When Cotton Was King
In 2002, the City and the Arizona Humanities Council sponsored a photographic exhibit featuring the images and stories of twenty-four African Americans from Chandler.
History in Your Own Backyard       
These kiosks tell the stories of the families, businesses and cultures that were established in the area around
each park; long before many newer neighborhoods were created. It's a great way to see how Chandler has
changed over many decades. History Kiosks - Chandler Museum

Roots of Ocotillo
This documentary explores the stories of those who grew up in what was once the first town of Goodyear. (Click on link to immediately play.)

Price House, A Snapshot in Time
Watch and discover what makes this house unique and the stories of those who lived here and who worked in the surrounding fields. (Click on link to immediately play.)