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Memorial Design

The Memorial
When Veterans Oasis park was designed, a section of the park adjacent to the Lindsey and Chandler Heights intersection was designated as the future location of a Veterans Memorial that would enhance the existing amenities and be integrated into the surrounding environment.
Shortly after the completion of the park, City staff began meeting with engaged residents and several local veterans groups to develop the conceptual plan for the memorial. Their efforts produced a preliminary concept and design featuring two distinctive, yet complementary spaces:
The memorial’s design is divided into two levels:

Stars and Stripes Level
The lower level of the memorial was designed to match the exact ratio of the American Flag. At its core is a grid of stone plinths – or columns – of various heights, which define the flag’s stars and stripes, while the rolling landform emulates the ripples of it blowing in the wind. The stone plinths are meant to signify soldiers marching in unison. Within the rising and falling landscape, the stones slowly disappear and reappear, which is meant to represent soldiers going off to war and then returning. Twenty-one of these cubes are completely submerged within the earth as a tribute, symbolizing a twenty-one gun salute for those who did not return.

Family Plaza Overlook
An elevated plaza replicating the simplicity of the Arizona State flag overlooks the memorial’s Stars and Stripes level. From this star-shaped overlook, visitors look into the memorial and gain a feeling of watching over their country while their friends or loved ones are away. The star also represents the service flag of war mothers, which is hung in home windows to signify that an immediate family member is serving in the military.