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Cleaning Container

Chandler City Code Chapter 44 states - Residential customers shall be responsible for maintaining trash and recycling containers in a clean and sanitary condition.  The City of Chandler does not provide container cleaning services, nor will replace a container because it is dirty or smells. 


Bag and Tie garbage, grass and yard clippings.

Double Bag and Tie garbage if necessary to reduce spills and leaks.

Spray and Rinse container on occasion to reduce odors and dirty, grimy build-up.


Using a non-hazardous cleaning solution is recommended. The following is a natural solution that is simple to use AND cost effective way to keep you can clean.  What you will need:

  • Water hose
  • Scrub brush or spray nozzle
  • Dishwashing liquid soap or Borax detergent
  • Baking soda (used as an abrasive cleaner AND odor eater!)
Directions: Spray container, wash with detergent and baking soda, and rinse container.  Air dry the container with lid open.

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