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Parking Enforcement Policy

As part of the 2012 City Council Strategic Policy Goals for Neighborhoods, City Council requested that staff take steps to “implement a revised Parking Enforcement Policy.” Staff assembled three separate focus groups comprised of resident leaders, Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) members and staff from various City Divisions directly impacted by neighborhood parking issues. Each group ranked and reviewed the top parking concerns in neighborhoods.

The process includes the crafting of new ordinance language to address the top parking concerns.  City Council will consider these revisions at the November 7, 2013 City Council Meeting. 

Revised Parking Enforcement Policy

Information on the specific parking conditions covered by the Parking Enforcement Policy can be found by clicking the links below:

Proposed Ordinances and Overview

For additional information or questions please contact Malcolm Hankins, Neighborhood Preservation Manager at 480-782-4319 or Commander Gregg Jacquin at 480-782-4910.

Enhanced Parking Enforcement

  • Click here for information on Enhanced Parking Enforcement (PDF)

Through this process, staff recognized that communication was a key component in enhancing the Task Force parking recommendations. This process also demonstrated the overlap between Police and Code Enforcement efforts to preserve neighborhoods. As a result, Code Enforcement and Police staff have agreed to increase collaboration by working together to improve in the following areas:

  • Staff communication. This could be accomplished in various ways such as assigning a staff liaison (i.e. Police Volunteer and Code Inspectors or conducting regular meetings between the Neighborhood Preservation Manager and Police Commanders).
  • Development of consistent enforcement (e.g. if the City develops a “Stored Vehicle Ordinance” staff will work together to ensure consistency in the information that residents are receiving and in the enforcement process.
  • Saturation of neighborhoods with Police and Civilian “warning” stickers. A modified version of the Police warning sticker will be created allowing staff from other City Departments to address common parking violations in neighborhoods. The modified warning sticker will provide ordinance information and increased enforcement visibility.
  • Perform coordinated patrol and/ or enforcement in target areas. The goal is to utilize the monthly liaison meetings to identify target areas where both Code Enforcement and Police staff can work together.
  • Staff will utilize homeowner associations and traditional neighborhood meetings as an opportunity to increase education on Parking Ordinances and Policies in neighborhoods.

Cross-training of Police volunteers, Police Officers and Code Enforcement staff to increase the City's ability to address parking issues that negatively impact neighborhoods.

Parking Enforcement Policy Review Process

  • Click here for information on the Parking Enforcement Policy Review Process (PDF)

As per one of the 2012 City Council Strategic Policy Goals for Neighborhoods, staff developed an implementation process to address and meet a key strategic goal to “implement a revised Parking Enforcement Policy.” Included in this objective was a call to staff to establish resident focus groups and an ad hoc task force to discuss parking challenges that impact neighborhoods.  Staff reviewed the implementation process with the Community Services, Economic Development and Neighborhood Services Council Subcommittee.


History of Parking Ordinances for Single Family and Two Family Dwellings (PDF)
History of Parking Ordinance Map (PDF)
History of Parking Ordinance Map by Construction Years (PDF)
Parking Enforcement Policy Report (PDF)
Applicable ordinances: Arizona Revised Statutes Title 28, City Code Sec. 35-1800-1805


For more information on private property parking, contact:

Malcolm Hankins  
Neighborhood Preservation Manager                  

For more information on street parking, contact:             

Gregg Jacquin
Commander, Chandler Police