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Chandler Fire, Health &  Medical Low Accuity Dispatch Program CFHM Low-Acuity Response Unit
The low-acuity response unit uses a smaller truck to replace a previous protocol in which a four-person engine or ladder truck was dispatched to any call, including where that level of response was not necessary.
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Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Watch children around water at all times!
You can prevent a water tragedy by "being" or "designating" a "Water Watcher." Always have eye-to-eye contact with anyone you are watching in or around any kind of water, and don't allow anything to distract you.
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Sprinkler's Clubhouse thumbnail image Hey kids, let's have some fun!
Sprinkler the Clown and his many friends are hanging out at the clubhouse ready for you to stop by for some fun and learning. Watch all of the episodes of Sprinkler's Clubhouse online! 
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