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Chandler Fire Stations and Support Facilities

The City of Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Department currently maintains 11 fire stations. These Fire Stations are strategically located to achieve the shortest response times to emergency calls. The department also maintains a Fire Administration building, a Regional Training Facility and a Support Services facility.

The Fire Stations are located to accommodate a 4-minute travel time to emergencies. This equates to approximately a 2-mile radius around each station. Stations are located as close as possible to the center of an area of projected need. The actual strategic locations have been affected by traffic issues as well as land availability; however, most stations are very close to their ideal location.

The Department's support facilities include Fire Administration, Support Services and the Public Safety Training Center, which is currently under expansion. These facilities are necessary to support the main mission of emergency response.

Chandler Fire Stations
Fire Station 1 (Dedicated 4-30-2015 Chandler Fire Station No. 1 (281)
1491 E. Pecos Road

Fire Station No. 1 is home to E281, M281, BC281 and the low acuity response units; LA283 and LA288. It is located along Pecos Road, between McQueen and Cooper roads. This station replaced the Old Fire Station 1 and was dedicated on April 30, 2015.
Fire Station No. 2 Chandler Fire Station No. 2 (282)
1911 N. Alma School Road

Fire Station No. 2 is home to E282 and M282. The station is located on Alma School Road, just south of Warner Road.

Fire Station No. 3
Chandler Fire Station No. 3 (283)
275 S. Ellis Road

Fire Station No. 3 is home to E283, BC282, U283 and CR288, the Crisis Response Team. The station is located east of the Chandler Fashion Center, along Pecos Road, between Dobson and Price roads.

Fire Station No. 4 Chandler Fire Station No. 4 (284)
295 N. Kyrene Rd.
Fire Station No. 4 is home to E284 and HM284. The crew of E284 also is the Hazardous Materials Team, and all assigned crew members are trained Hazardous Materials Technicians. The station is located in West Chandler on Kyrene Road, north of Chandler Boulevard.
Fire Station No. 5 Chandler Fire Station No. 5 (285)
1775 W. Queen Creek  Rd.
Fire Station No. 5 is home to E285 and M285. The station is located in the Ocotillo area on Queen Creek Road, between Dobson and Alma School roads.
Fire Station No. 6 Chandler Fire Station No. 6 (286)
911 N. Jackson Rd.
Fire Station No. 6 is home to E286 and E2840. The station is located along Ray Rd., just west of McQueen Rd.
Fire Station No. 7 Chandler Fire Station No. 7 (287)
6200 S. Gilbert  Rd.
Fire Station No. 7 is home to E287 and the Brush truck, BR287. It is located on Gilbert Rd., south of Riggs Rd.
Fire Station No. 8 Chandler Fire Station No. 8 (288)
711 W. Frye  Rd.
Fire Station No. 8 is home to E288, M288 and L288. It is located near downtown Chandler on Frye Rd. between Alma School Rd. and Arizona Ave.
Fire Station No. 9 Chandler Fire Station No. 9 (289)
211 N. Desert Breeze Blvd., West
Fire Station No. 9 is home to L289, M289, SQ289 and S289. The crew of L289 also is the Technical Rescue Team, and all assigned crew members are trained Technical Rescue Technicians. The station is located along Chandler Blvd. between Rural and McClintock roads and sits adjacent to the Desert Breeze Police Substation.
Fire Station No. 10 Chandler Fire Station No. 10 (2810)
5211 S. McQueen Rd. 
Fire Station No. 10 is home to E2810, M2810 and the water tender truck, T2810. The station is located on McQueen Rd., just south of Chandler Heights Rd.
Fire Station No. 10 Chandler Fire Station No. 11 (2811)
4200 S. Gilbert Road. 
Fire Station No. 11 is located on the west side of Gilbert Road, 1/4-mile south of Ocotillo Road.
Future Chandler Fire Station No. 11 (2811)
This station is scheduled to start construction in October 2017, with a projected opening date of April 2018 amd will be home to E2811.
Chandler Fire Department Support Facilities
Chandler Fire Headquarters Chandler Fire, Health & Medical Administrative Headquarters 
151 E. Boston St.

Chandler FH&M headquarters is home to the Fire Chief, Senior Staff, Division Chiefs, Fire Prevention, administrative Captains and civilian support staff. It is located in downtown Chandler, just east of City Hall. Chandler's first fire engine, a 1937 Dodge, is on display in the lobby.
Fire Maintenance Center Chandler Fire Support Services
163 S. Price Rd.
Support Services is home to three master mechanics whose mission is to keep Chandler Fire, Health & Medical apparatus ready to respond. The facility is located on Price Rd., between Frye Rd. and Chandler Blvd., in a refurbished building that, at one time, was Chandler Fire Station No. 3.
Fire Training Center
Chandler Fire Training Center
3550 S. Dobson Rd.

The original Fire Training Center (FTC) was built on land donated by the Intel Corporation. The facility is currently expanding and will include joint training facilities with the Chandler Police Department. Already completed as part of the expansion is a multistory Class A burn building. This facility is used to train not only CFHM personnel, but also many other Fire Department personnel from the region.