Advanced Swim Lessons

Advanced swim lessons are designed for independent swimmers who can swim 15 feet on their front/back. Participants will learn new strokes, continue to refine freestyle and backstroke skills and learn deep water safety skills. All classes are limited to 8 participants per instructor.

Course descriptions and ages for the lessons are guidelines. Your child may be more or less advanced than the suggested ages. Generally, children will remain at the same level for at least two sessions.


Prerequisites: pass Turtle OR can swim freestyle and backstroke with a near-perfect technique for at least 15 yards AND can tread water for 30 seconds in deep water.

Participants will continue to increase endurance in freestyle and backstroke and will learn sidestroke, elementary backstroke and basic deck-level dives.

Classes are 50 minutes.

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Prerequisites: pass Frog OR can swim freestyle and backstroke with excellent technique (at least 25 yards each) and can swim sidestroke and elementary backstroke (at least 15 yards each).

Participants will learn breaststroke and butterfly, while refining sidestroke and elementary backstroke. They will also learn new deck-level dives and continue to build endurance in freestyle and backstroke.

Classes are 50 minutes.

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Prerequisites: pass Fish OR can swim multiple 25-yard laps of freestyle and backstroke, more than 15 yards of elementary backstroke and breaststroke, and at least 15 yards of butterfly.

Participants will continue to refine all six strokes while increasing endurance. They will also learn shallow dives, open turns and flip turns.

Classes are 50 minutes.

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Prerequisites: pass Porpoise OR can swim at least 50 yards each of freestyle and backstroke, at least 25 yards each of breaststroke, butterfly and elementary backstroke.

Participants will build up to swimming 500 continuous yards while refining technique in six strokes. They will also learn springboard diving fundamentals and basic principles of fitness swimming.

Classes are 50 minutes.

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