Beginner Swim Lessons: Child

Swimming lessons are offered year-round with a low 5:1 maximum student-to-instructor ratio to create strong swimmers through personalized skill development based on age, ability, and confidence in the water. These courses are designed to teach young swimmers basic water safety, water adjustment, and swimming skills that help them grow more independent in the water. Water play songs and games help ensure participants remember swimming skills and offer a fun-filled learning environment.


Classes are approximately 25 minutes 

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Level 1

(2 ½ -5 years)
Prerequisites: Child must be potty-trained and participate independently (parents/guardians are NOT in the water).

Designed for children with limited experience or comfort in the water, Level 1 introduces participants how to enter and exit the water independently, submerge fully, and blow bubbles. With guided support participants explore basic swim skills, learning to float on their stomach and back as well as basic arm and leg movements.

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Level 2

(3-6 years)
Prerequisites: Pass Level 1 or can fully submerge independently five times, demonstrate a black float with assistance for five seconds, and glide two body lengths with support.

Beginner swimmers learn to swim short distances independently on both their front and back. Participants will also begin to work on treading water, rotatory breathing, and deep water safety skills.

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