Intermediate Swim Lessons

Intermediate swim lessons are designed for independent swimmers who can swim 15 feet on their front/back. Participants will learn new strokes, continue to refine freestyle and backstroke skills and learn deep water safety skills. All classes (except Seahorse) are limited to 8 participants per instructor; Seahorse classes have 6 participants per instructor.

Course descriptions and ages for the lessons are guidelines. Your child may be more or less advanced than the suggested ages. Generally, children will remain at the same level for at least two sessions.



Seahorse (4-6 year olds) or Otter (6-8 year olds)

The Seahorse and Otter classes have the same curriculum; the only distinctions are the age range of class participants and the instructor-to-participant ratio.

Prerequisites: pass Duck OR can float on front/back independently for 5-10 seconds and swim independently on front/back for at least 10 feet.

This course is for independent swimmers who are developing basic strokes. Participants will increase endurance and develop freestyle/backstroke, swim and glide independently for 15 feet, learn deep water safety skills and be introduced to butterfly kick. 

Classes are 50 minutes.

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Prerequisites: pass Seahorse OR Otter OR can swim freestyle with proper rotary breathing for 10 yards and swim backstroke with proper technique for 10 yards.

This course is for swimmers who are proficient in freestyle and backstroke for at least 10 yards. Participants will continue to refine these strokes while increasing endurance; they will also learn butterfly kick, deep water safety skills and basic dives from the deck.

Classes are 50 minutes.

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