Intermediate Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are offered year-round with a low 8:1 maximum student-to-instructor ratio to create strong swimmers through personalized skill development based on age, ability, and confidence in the water. Independent swimmers who have mastered aquatic readiness will spend the majority of their lesson tenure in these courses. Level 3 and Level 4 focus on stroke development and stroke improvement of all six strokes. Participants must be able to swim at least 10 yards on their front or back.


Classes are approximately 50 minutes

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Level 3

(4-8 years)
Prerequisites: Pass Level 2 or can independently tread water, float on back for 15 seconds and be able to swim on front or back for at least 10 yards.

Building upon earlier levels, swimmers are introduced to all six strokes and kicks. Independent swimmers will spend the majority of their lesson time at this level. Emphasis is placed on stroke development and teaches front, back, and side body positions as fluid kicks are introduced. Stroke mechanics are broken down to teach each part of a proficient stroke, starting with the kick. As lessons, progress swimmers will build endurance and work towards good form and efficiency. Swimmers will also begin to learn headfirst entries.

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Level 4

Prerequisite: Pass Level 3 or tread water for one minute in deep water and swim front crawl or elementary backstroke with a near-perfect technique for 25 yards.

Once a streamlined body position and efficient kicks are mastered, swimmers refine stroke mechanics. Stroke development continues at this level as swimmers are introduced to the complete breaststroke, butterfly, and side stroke – refining kicks and arms simultaneously for the first time. Swim lesson progression focuses on a proficient front crawl and elementary backstroke. Swimmers continue to learn new headfirst entries and open turns. This level is the beginning of endurance building and swimmers will start to swim longer distances.

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