Paseo Vista Recreation Area

The Paseo Vista Recreation Area, is located on the northwest corner of McQueen and Ocotillo roads at 3850 S. McQueen Road and sits atop a former City landfill.

For nearly 30 years it was a working landfill, a large man-made dirt mound with sloping sides rising above the streets and nearby houses. Then Chandler made the investment to give this place a new purpose. Today, the slopes still dominate the landscape but they are covered with boulders encased in wire to help control erosion, decomposed granite, wildflowers and other plants.

Most of the amenities, including an archery range, disc golf course, dog park, playground, picnic areas and more than a mile of walking trails, are not visible from the streets below. But Chandler residents who make the worthwhile walk, ride or drive to the top of the hill will be able to appreciate and enjoy the Paseo Vista Recreation Area for many years to come.


  • Dog Park
    One of four Dog Parks in Chandler.

  • Archery Range
    Archery classes are offered through the Chandler Recreation Division and listed in the Break Time Recreation Guide. Open: sun up to sundown, seven days a week. Maintenance Closure: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:30 a.m.

  • Playground
    The children's play area includes swings, slides, climbing rocks, a large spherical jungle gym made of cables, and an educational "trash wall."

  • Great Views
    The prominent 40-foot-high lookout point is accessible by a curving walking path and provides spectacular 360-degree views of the East Valley.

Project Development

The project was funded through the sale of General Obligation Bonds approved by Chandler voters in May 2004.

The landfill was closed to the public in October 2005. After several more months of work to cap the site according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards - with more than 300,000 cubic yards of clay and soil - the Municipal Utilities Department turned the land over to the Parks Division for further development. Nearly 200,000 additional tons of dirt were hauled to the site to increase the soil depth throughout the area for a variety of landscaping and aesthetic needs.

Because of federal landfill closure regulations, and due to settling and drainage issues, the development of typical park amenities was limited on this site. The Paseo Vista Recreational Area does not have some of the typical amenities found in many Chandler parks, such as sports courts, large trees and grass areas requiring extensive irrigation. In addition, permanent structures such as restrooms were limited in size, light fixtures and shade ramadas were built on large "floating" concrete slabs, and asphalt and concrete use were held to a minimum.

In many cases, the building materials used on the site, such as crushed concrete, asphalt, and tires, were recycled from other construction projects instead of being sent to another landfill.


Environmental Issues

The EPA requires the City to maintain the site through 2035 and monitor methane gas production, liquid seepage and any impact on groundwater. Under the Paseo Vista Recreation Area is a system of wells, monitors and pipes to control the gas that is a byproduct of the decomposing trash. The gas is diverted to a collection point on the east side of the park, where it is vented and burned inside an enclosed flare system.

For more information on the Paseo Vista Recreation Area, contact 480-782-2752.