Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery
Chandler Parks & Recreation is making it cool to be an outsider, giving park-goers great reason to get outside and explore the natural world around them. Agents of Discovery has joined forces with Parks & Recreation and we're on a mission to bring educational, interactive gaming to regional and community parks across Chandler.

Mission Details
Calling all available field agents! Secret Agent Kestrel requests your assistance to rescue the stolen robotic USBees, who store knowledge of nature and science. The fate of nature rests in your hands, without the return of the USBees exploration of the natural world around us would cease to exist.

Agent Level
Novice to Super Sluth, ages 5 to 12. All are needed to help recover the stolen USBees.

Equipment Requirements
Agents must bring along data receiving tablets or smart phone devices to uncover an Agents of Discovery mission. App is available for download at Apple and Google Play.

Upon completion of each mission, field agents can return to headquarters - cleverly disguised as a recreation center - and claim accolades and prizes.

Mission Parks
Veterans Oasis Park

Field Agent Support
For more information please, contact Ariane Francis at 480-782-2890.