Living Tree Donation Program

Family at Tumbleweed Park

By donating a tree to the Living Tree Donation Program, you can help beautify our city parks while at the same time celebrating life by planting a tree. You can plant a tree in tribute of a wedding, the birth of a child, anniversary, or to honor the memory of a loved one.

Living Tree Donation Form

Plant a Tree in Tribute

Celebrate a birth, a wedding, an anniversary or honor the memory of a loved one through the Living Tree Donation Program.

Throughout the ages, trees have stood as strong life symbols. Trees improve our air quality and beautify our parks. A tree can also serve as a living and loving remembrance of a special event.

Plant a Family Tree

Plant a tree to honor the birth of a child, to serve as a symbol of a growing family. Like the tree, the family spreads its roots as it branches out, preparing a strong base for future generations.

Perfect as a Monument

The donation of a tree is a wonderful testimonial to a life well lived. Family and friends will have a living monument for a loved one, which will also provide beauty, shade and landscaping for city parks.


How To Donate A Tree

You donate money towards the purchase of a tree(s) then you select one of the park options. The Division will arrange the planting of the tree, as well as the tree maintenance. 

As a policy we are not able to hold ceremonies, however, if family and friends would like to celebrate after the tree is planted, they may do so. In addition, due to the increased maintenance, we do not allow the placement of decorations, notes, and/or ornaments on the tree. 

Our staff will gladly work with you in selecting the tree and location in the park. 

  • 15-gallon container/6-8 ft. | $60
  • 24” box /8-10 ft. | $150 
  • 36” box/10-12 ft. | $500*
  • 48” box/12-14 ft. | $950*

 *Includes a 4” x 7” cast bronze plaque. With a donation of $500 or greater, a 4”x7” cast bronze memorial plaque will be included and installed at the base of your tree. If your donation is less than $500 you may provide an additional donation of $167 for a plaque. 

After your tree is planted the parks division will maintain your tree, however, please remember a tree is a living organism and can develop disease, is exposed to the weather elements and vandalism. If you notice your Living Tree has been damaged by weather elements or vandals, please contact the division immediately. We will take the correct measures as soon as possible. If the tree develops a disease or is damaged, it may be necessary for the division to replace the tree. 

For further information regarding this special program, please call 480-782-2667. 

All tree donations are tax-deductible.