Frequently Asked Questions: Purchasing 

Frequently Asked Questions: Purchasing

If you're interested in doing business with Chandler and have any questions, this is the place to visit. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that City staff receives from customers.

I'd like to sell my goods/services to the City of Chandler. How do I get started?
A vendor should first start by getting registered with the City of Chandler Purchasing Office. The City uses an online registration system whereby individuals and/or firms can select areas of interest to receive notification of formal solicitations. A vendor should then contact the appropriate Procurement Officer for an appointment to determine the City's need for your particular product or service. The Procurement Officer can review with you the frequency and method that is being used to obtain the product and/or service you offer.

How do we get registered as a vendor with the City of Chandler?
Under the "Customer Services" button, click on the link for "Vendor Services." Click on the Vendor Registration Online icon. Follow the instructions. If at any time you need help during the registration process contact the Purchasing Office at 480-782-2400.

How does the buying process work?
The following are the City's purchasing limits.

- Small Purchases - $1 to $5,000 - Use petty cash up to $100, purchasing card up to $2,000 and purchase orders.

- Medium Purchases - $5,000 to $50,000 - Require three (3) quotes, verbal or written, depending on complexity. Use purchase orders. May also use Invitation for Bids (IFB) and/or Request for Proposals (RFP) depending on item and/or services being purchased.

- High Purchases - More than $50,000 - Requires formal solicitation using IFB and/or RFP. Requires approval by City Council.

- Construction Contracts - Over state law limit ($18,058 in FY 2007/2008) - Require IFB. Requires approval by City Council. Additionally, the City Public Works Department uses alternative delivery method procurements; e.g. Job Order Contracting, Design Build and Construction Manager at Risk.

- Professional Services - Under $30,000 informal selection process and approval by Department Director(s) and Purchasing Office. More than $30,000 Request for Qualifications and Experience (RFQE) or RFP packages are solicited and recommendation made by evaluation committee and approved by City Council.

- Cooperative Purchasing - The City has the option to use approved Co-Op contracts (e.g. State) when it is deemed advantageous.

How are offers solicited?
Offers are solicited through "formal" and "informal" procedures. Formal procedures, competitive sealed bids and request for proposals are used to comply with the legal requirements when the value of the purchase exceeds $50,000. Informal procedures, open market, verbal quotes, and written quotes are used when the value of the purchase is less than $50,000.

How do I know if I will be competitive in my pricing when bidding on a solicitation?
All contracts and pricing are public information and available for you to review. You can visit our office or contact the appropriate Procurement Officer to review current contracts and pricing. In addition, bid results are posted on our Purchasing Web site.

How do I know what is currently being bid?
Solicitations are usually advertised in a local newspaper and notifications of new solicitations will be sent to registered vendors for the goods or services sought. In addition, solicitation notices are posted on the Purchasing Web site. Bid specifications and instructions are also available to registered vendors through the Vendor Registration system.