Being a Leader in Trust and Transparency

Public Meeting: Being a Leader in Trust and Transparency

Residents should know and understand what their city government is doing — they should see it in action. Through every initiative designed to build trust and engage residents, Chandler is working to foster strong community relationships and accessible communication channels throughout the City. 

From the departmental level up, Chandler is committed to being a leader in trust and transparency to the residents we serve. Countless public surveys, forums, hearings and reports seek to inform residents about the quality of the work the City performs on a daily basis. As a City, we encourage feedback and participation from residents to ensure all voices are heard as Chandler continues to grow and innovate. 

Interactive Planning Map

Interactive planning maps help make it easier for residents to find out what's being built where

Have you ever passed a vacant lot and wondered, “What's going up there?” The City provides all current and proposed zoning cases on vacant lots from an interactive map, searchable by location, name or case number. The map includes details about each parcel, including public hearing information and developer contacts.

See the map in action

Making Court Easier, One Text at a Time

A resident checking a text reminder from Chandler Municipal Court

As of April 2019, Chandler Municipal Court sends defendants text message reminders when they have an upcoming or missed court date or payment. The City tested the new system to see what a simple change could do to the number of people who fail to appear in Court. The impact was nearly immediate.

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