Being the Most Connected City

Social Wall: Being the Most Connected City

In the age of technology, we are all connected. To reach people where they are, Chandler aims to provide residents with a diverse set of routes on their quest for resources. Increasingly digital communications with a greater emphasis on social and multimedia work to provide residents easier access to information. 

In the physical world, the City has focused increased attention on mobility — searching for innovative solutions to common transportation problems that help our City grow. Community engagement programs that bring residents directly to City leadership help foster a connected atmosphere and keep employees close to who they serve. 

eCab Turns the Tide on Transportation

eCab picking up riders in Downtown Chandler

The Wave eCab came to Chandler as an out-of-the-box solution to parking shortages after redevelopment cleared vacant lots that formerly served as parking sites. Eight months after its inception, the Wave has offered more than 12,000 rides from parking garages to Downtown Chandler’s most popular weekend destinations.

Predictive Traffic Management Center

Chandler's Traffic Management Center

When you pull up to a red light in the City, more is happening behind the scenes than meets the eye. Meet Chandler’s Traffic Management Center (TMC). The TMC is the physical hub of all communication happening to and from traffic lights around the City.

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