Maintaining Fiscal Sustainability

Maintaining Fiscal Sustainability

Financial stability, well-planned infrastructure and high-quality, low-cost services are hallmarks for Chandler. The City follows rigorous financial policies, maintains a structurally balanced budget, validates and reviews taxpayer transactions and is among the few cities in the nation with a AAA Bond rating from all three rating agencies.

Chandler uses outside-the-box, proactive ways of thinking to keep our City on solid ground. 

Each year, the City Council adopts a structurally balanced and financially stable operating budget and capital improvement program that aligns City services with council priorities. Responsible debt management and budget-balancing are written into the culture of our City Council, which holds over from election to election. 

Using Every Drop Twice

Veterans Oasis Park uses Reclaimed Water

Chandler treated 9.4 billion gallons of water in 2018. The City is able to manage reclaimed water so efficiently because of an advanced distribution system. Since the 80s, Chandler’s system of reclaimed water facilities, have been uniquely able to keep up with the community’s expanding water needs.

Every drop twice.