STAR Communities

The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) is the nation's first framework and certification program for local sustainability. STAR stands for Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating communities.

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STAR Communities must demonstrate sustainability across economic, environmental, and social performance indicators. As a STAR Pilot Community, the City of Chandler was in the first group of communities nationwide to receive a sustainability rating.

"Being recognized as a national leader in sustainability is a testament to Chandler's efforts, both public and private, to build a progressive, dynamic community that values a healthy environment, strong economy and the continued well-being of its citizens," said Mayor Jay Tibshraeny.

The intent of the STAR rating system is to help communities identify, validate, and support implementation of best practices to improve sustainable community conditions. Those choosing to pursue STAR certification are rated from 3 to 5 stars, based on a point system where a community's sustainability efforts are evaluated against a set of standardized sustainability objectives and evaluation measures. 3-STAR Communities have scores between 200 and 399 points, 4-STAR Communities have scores between 400 and 599 points, and 5-STAR Communities have scores above 600 points.

Chandler was awarded a 3-STAR rating, earning 342 points across seven categories. To attain its rating, the City received points for hundreds of actions and practices. Click the icons below to view examples of activities contributing to Chandler's sustainability:

Built Environment  

Built Environment: Achieve livability, choice, and access for all where people live, work, and play.    

  Climate and Energy  

Climate and Energy: Reduce climate impacts through adaptation and mitigation efforts and increase resource efficiency.    

  Economy and Jobs

  Economy and Jobs: Empower vibrant, educated, connected, and diverse communities.  

    Education, Arts and Community  

Education, Arts and Community: Create equitably shared prosperity and access to quality jobs.  

    Equity and Empowerment  

Equity and Empowerment: Ensure equity, inclusion, and access to opportunity for all citizens.  

    Health and Safety

Health and Safety: Strengthen communities to be healthy, resilient, safe places for residents and businesses.  

    Natural Systems  

Natural Systems: Protect and restore the natural resource base upon which life depends.  

    Innovation and Process  

Innovation and Process: Extra credit can be awarded for exemplary performance, innovation, best practices and processes, and regional priority.

More information about specific STAR measurement categories and points that Chandler was able to achieve can be found at: