Chandler Employee Personnel Rules

The Personnel Rules are the City of Chandler's officially adopted human resources policies, governing employment, classification, compensation, paid and unpaid leave programs, separation and working conditions for employees.

Personnel Rules 

Rule No. 1: General Provisions   Rule No. 11: Referral of Eligible Candidates and Appointments
Rule No. 2: Classification Systems   Rule No. 12: Probation
Rule No. 3: Salaries   Rule No. 13: Performance Appraisals
Rule No. 4: Benefits and Allowances   Rule No. 14: Resignation and Layoffs
Rule No. 5: Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures   Rule No. 15: Leaves of Absence
Rule No. 6: Promotion, Transfer, Voluntary Demotion and Return to City Employment   Rule No. 16: Work Period, Overtime, Comp Time and Holiday Pay
Rule No. 7: Requirements for Employment   Rule No. 17: Training of Employees
Rule No. 8: Employment Applications   Rule No. 18: Grievance Procedures
Rule No. 9: Recruitment and Evaluation   Rule No. 19: Employee Committees
Rule No. 10: Employment Registers   Rule No. 20: Executive and Professional Employee Exceptions
General Definitions    


Anti-Harassment   Personnel Action Request Form
Bilingual Pay Program   Personnel Files
Cell Phone Policy (Mobile Communication Devices)   Retirement Recognition
Drug-Free Workplace   Service Recognition
Equal Employment Opportunity   Sick Leave Conversion
Exit Procedures   Short-Term Disability
Identification Cards   Tuition Reimbursement
Military Policy   Vacation Donation
New Employee Enrollment and Orientation   Workplace Violence Prevention
Fitness Room Policy   Statutory Sick Leave (SSL) for Temporary Employees