Backyard Chickens Ordinance

Backyard Chickens

On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, the Chandler City Council tentatively adopted an ordinance, which would allow chickens on any single-family lot. Final adoption of the ordinance is scheduled by the City Council on Dec. 5, 2022, and the change will become effective thirty (30) days after.

Beginning on Jan. 5, 2023, up to five (5) chickens may be kept in each detached single-family lot; however, roosters will continue to be prohibited. A chicken coop is required and shall be located in the rear or side yard. The coop shall be setback five (5) feet from rear and side yard property lines. The height of required coop shall not exceed the height of property’s perimeter fence. The coop is limited to a maximum of 120 square feet.

If the required coop exceeds the height of adjacent fence, the proposed structure will be considered the property’s one allowable accessory building, which would need to meet the property’s building setbacks, and will be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) feet in height as measured to top of flat roof or the mid-point of a pitched and slope roof, and must be designed to match the architecture of principal dwelling. A building permit is required for coops classified as an accessory building. Chicken coops that are less than 120 square feet and not taller than the surrounding property wall do not need a building permit.

Any coop connected to utilities (electricity or water) require a building permit regardless of size.

Please check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) is chickens are permitted within your community.

For additional information or questions, contact the City’s Planning Division at 480-782-3050.