The Department of State has designated the Chandler City Clerk's Office as a Passport Acceptance Facility. 
The City Clerk's Office is located on the first floor of Chandler City Hall at 175 S. Arizona Ave.

Hours of Service                                                   
Monday - Friday                                                   
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. by appointment only

*Due to the volume of appointments, you may experience a 5-10 minute delay.  We appreciate your patience.

All documents and required forms will need to be completed, prior to coming to your appointment. If any required forms or documents are found to be incomplete or any are missing, a new appointment will need to be scheduled.

NOTE: We are experiencing a high volume of appointments in receiving passport applications. If you plan to expedite your passport application due to upcoming travel plans, we recommend visiting or call 1-877-487-2778. 

Routine Service:  18 Weeks - Door-to-door service

Expedited Service: 12 Weeks - Door-to-door service

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Adult renewals are processed by mail only. We are not allowed to accept them.

New passport


New Passport Application

Applying in Person for a U.S. Passport

  • Complete Numbers 1 Through 22 only in black ink (Social Security Number is required). Do not sign the application.
  • One passport photo is necessary. The Internet will have listings of available places that take photos. We do not take photos here.

  • Identification is required. A valid driver's license or government-issued ID are acceptable. Bring a copy of your ID, front and back, as well as the original, or you will be charged .15¢ per copy.

A certified copy of your US birth certificate, original naturalization paper, consular reports of birth abroad, or previous passport is required. Please bring a photocopy of that document as well as the original.

  • We cannot accept hospital birth records with footprints.
  • Your proof of citizenship will be submitted with the application. The original or certified copies of the applicant's evidence of U.S. citizenship will be returned.
  • If you were born in California, you must provide a long form certificate. Short form birth certificates or abstracts are not acceptable.
  • The Department of State will only accept Puerto Rican birth certificates issued on or after July 1, 2010.
  • Your birth certificate must show your parents names. 

If you do not have a certified copy of your birth certificate, visit Where to Contact for Vital Records.

child passport


  • All children must be present.
  • One passport photo is necessary. 
  • The parents must provide their identification as well as a copy of the ID for each child. Or we can make the copy for .15¢ per copy.
  • Children 15 years or younger: Must appear with both parents, legal guardian or persons In Loco Parentis and bring the child's certified birth certificate and previous passport if applicable.
    -If one parent is not available, they may submit a notarized Form 3053 or Form 5525. If one parent is deceased, please bring the certified death certificate.
  • Persons 16 and 17 Years Old: Must appear with one parent and both will sign the application, and if applicable, provide a driver's license (not a permit) and the parents must provide their identification as well as a copy of the ID for each child. Bring the child's certified birth certificate and previous passport if applicable.
  • The child's Social Security number is required to be entered on the form.
  • For more information regarding minor children, visit the State Department.

Tips for Taking a Passport Photo
Tips for Taking Passport Photos of Toddlers


Please note: The Department of State accepts money orders or checks only.
(No Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Foreign or Starter Checks accepted).

The City of Chandler accepts cash, cards, money orders, or checks. (No Foreign or Starter Checks accepted).

passport card


passport card


passport book and card